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Mia Balansag

I work with women entrepreneurs in pursuing a deeper business purpose and giving back to the community.

I am passionate in promoting environmental and social causes through workshops and events.

Business Mentor | Social Entrepreneur
Fitness and Mental Health Advocate


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Guiding youth to test new ideas by providing a safe space to experiment under the mentorship of experts.


Encouraging out-of-the-box thinking to find solutions to problems


Teaching failures and mistakes as learning opportunities



Founding Member of IE Environmental Sustainability Committee

Sustainable Committee | Meet the Clubs Link


DubaiEye103.8 Podcast on Afternoons with Helen Farmer

Podcast on Afternoons with Helen Farmer. Link


The National, UAE Newspaper

Seven ways to be an ethical shopper in the UAE. Link


I curate multi-dimensional learning experiences in partnership with businesses that aspire to community outreach for young children to supplement their academic learning. Children engage and collaborate in my workshops and have fun with learning as the by-product.


I work with Parents so they can follow-through at home on the learning outcomes that the children take home with.

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Environmental Advocacy

I advocate the Circular Economy where the mindset changes from take-make-waste to using resources as an economic opportunity to reset especially in a post pandemic world.

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What People Say

Gloria Brown,

Abu Dhabi Homeschooling Association

Bringing 30 kids together for a writing camp is no easy task!  Her leadership really took this project  were amazing in the planning, organizing  and final execution of the project.  We exceeded our financial goals in part because of your initiative to offer the Virtual Writing Camp for a Cause. 

Colette Barr,

Founder of Save Our World 

Mia is passionate about making a positive impact in the UAE and is committed to helping children and their parents become more environmentally aware. She is great to work with, super organised and a great example for children and parents alike.

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Carmen Izquierdo Serrano, Kotokan Co-Founder

Mia was one of the first people to believe in Kotokan . She shares our vision of building a better world through education and has been helping us since inception. Mia's support has been unbeatable, always ready to collaborate and provide a different and innovative point of view.