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Mia Balansag

  • Senior Finance Professional

  • Certified Applied Business Management , UoM 

  • Masters in International Development, IE University

  • Business Sustainability, Cambridge University


I am a Senior Finance Professional, privileged to explore my interests in Business Sustainability, Education-Technology and Entrepreneurship (amidst a pandemic!). Beyond number crunching, I strive to add value to any organization I work with and create synergy between people, systems and processes. Leveraging skills from 15+ years of corporate experience, I can translate vision into reality by leading teams to execute small to complex projects and building support systems around that change.

My distinct advantage is having a global outlook; supporting business decision-making strategies for conglomerates in Abu Dhabi then reskilling with a Master's degree from a top University in Europe.

My completion of the Applied Business Management Program at the University of Manitoba is aimed at integrating best practices globally into a Canadian setting. I complement academic rigor with a practical and business-level lens.


My Journey

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My Work

I help startup entrepreneurs define their business purpose to implement marketing strategies that integrate social responsibility. 

Besides startups, I partner with informal learning institutions to curate fun content for creative programs, to equip school-age children with a headstart for future challenges.

My Why

Realizing the need for the big education reset post-pandemic, I lead by example, starting with educating my children with life skills. My mission is to raise a community of life-long learners who will be future problem-solvers. 

Personal Interest

 "I aspire to live in an unequal world where I help women and youth be given opportunities to thrive in productive lives through self-directed, lifelong learning."  -Mia Balansag

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