Mia Balansag

  • Experienced Finance Professional

  • Change Management & Strategic Leadership  

  • Masters in International Development, IE University

  • Business Sustainability, Cambridge University


With over 15 years of Finance experience, I’m adept at connecting with people, brainstorming & implementing solutions, and then creating value for businesses.


I’ve been passionate about training junior staff and developing their talent and potential through empowerment and mentorship.

My awakening to sustainability issues sparked off my decision to pivot my Finance career by reskilling with a Masters's Degree last 2019. My key takeaway is that entrepreneurship is a mechanism to reset careers post-pandemic and to increase positive social impact through inclusive solutions.

My Journey

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My Work

I help startup entrepreneurs test their business ideas to reach their target audience and then implement marketing strategies that integrate social responsibility. 

Besides startups, I partner with informal learning institutions to curate fun content for creative programs, to equip school-age children with a headstart for future challenges.

My Why

Realizing the need for the big education reset post-pandemic, I lead by example, starting with educating my children with life skills. My mission is to raise a community of life-long learners who will be future problem-solvers. 

Personal Interest

 "I aspire to live in an unequal world where I help children be given opportunities to thrive in productive lives through self-directed learning."  -Mia Balansag